BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--A couple from Jackson has been waiting for almosttwo weeks to find out just how their son died.

Patty and Michael McCue say their son 28 year old Phillip McCue had an altercation with police on Main St in Bangor on September 12th. During a scuffle with police they say they have heard from several people that he was shocked with a stun gun or tazer. But it wasn't until 2 days later that they weren't notified that he was in the critical care unit at EMMC for 2 days. Michael says when they finally did get in to see Phillip he was unconscious and barely hanging on. Soon after that-- he died.

Patty McCue says, "All we keep doing is getting the run around. It's like we are being treated as parents like we don't matter. It doesn't matter that your son is dead and that we're not going to tell you anything. All we hear is that you have to wait until the investigation is done. As a parent at least something would have been nice to know."

EMMC admits it didn't notify the parents and is now investigating to find out why. Meanwhile the Maine attorney generals office is investigating the death. Bangor Police has its own internal investigation. Both EMMC and the Bangor Police Department tell News Center that they can't comment further until the investigations are complete. But for the McCue family it's more waiting.

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