(NEWS CENTER) -- Two polls showing a tightening U.S. Senate race were released Wednesday.

Both polls show Angus King with a lead over his democratic and republican opponents... But, both show he's lost quite a bit of ground.

The first poll is from the Maine People's Resource Center -- which is associated with the Maine People's Alliance. It polled more than 850 registered voters, and found King had a 16 point lead over Republican Charlie Summers. Democrat Cynthia Dill is gaining ground on both of them with 15 percent.

The second poll is from the national group Public Policy Polling. PPP says it has no party affiliation, but it dies have a reputation for leaning democratic. It says it did not conduct its poll for any campaign -- and its numbers show King's lead is actually in the single digits, just eight percentage points.

Public Policy Polling also released numbers on King's favorability... In March, it was 62-percent favorable, 24-percent unfavorable. His favorablity is now down to 52-percent... And his unfavorablilty is up by about the same margin, it now stands at 35-percent.

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