KOUNTZE, Tex. (KBMT) - Adminstrators at Texas' Kountze Indpendent School District have banned run-through banners at football games if they display religious messages.

The superintendent made the decision after receiving a complaint.

Kountze cheerleaders say the idea for banners with scriptures from the Bible came up at cheer camp.

The idea of came from Meagan Tantillo, and was backed by her cheer mates.

"Coaches preach devotionals before games. We wanted to show our support for our boys," Tantillo said.

In a town of just more than 2,000 people, the signs are the talk of the town.

No one knows who asked the superintendent to ban the banners, and he says he was reluctant to do so, but decided it was the best course after consulting school attorneys.

In response, Tantillo and her cheer mates made Christian signs for Tuesday's volleyball game against Warren High School.

In a statement Superintendent Kevin Weldon said, "I commend them for what they stand for. But I called legal counsel and even though it's lead by students, it should not be allowed to go on,"

Now many are standing behind the cheerleaders, including the football players who run through the banner.

The idea made Kountze football mom Ashley Brown emotional.

"Makes me proud that they're willing to stand up, and believe in God," Brown said.

Even Warren High volleyball players were on board.

They gathered with Kountze volleyball players in prayer Tuesday.

The cheerleaders plan to continue showing their faith at games anyway they can.

"We aren't backing down," Tantillo said.

The cheerleaders say they chose Christian messages to break away from the stereotypical signs that say 'Claw the Tigers' or 'Scalp the Indians'.

They say they wanted inspiring and uplifting messages instead.

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