ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine may have a relatively small cranberry crop compared to states like Massachusetts or Wisconsin, but experts at UMaine say this years crop could be a record breaker. Charlie Armstrong is the cranberry expert for the Umaine Cooperative Extension. He says the right combination of rain and sun at the right times of year could help the crop top 26 thousand barrells this year which equals about 2.5 million pounds. An average year is about 2 million pounds. Armstrong said pests like the cranberry fruit worm didn't make a significant dent in the crop either because farmers did a good job spraying their crops to keep the pests from causing much damage.

"The crop is sitting out there now really ready to be picked as soon as the color is good enough," Armstrong said.

Some interesting facts about cranberries:iNative Americans as early as 1550 used cranberries in foods, dyes, and medicines.

In 1930, Ocean Spray formed as a grower owned marketing cooperative. One of the founding members was Marcus Urann, a native of Sullivan, ME.

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