PHIPPSBURG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Hurricane Leslie may be hundreds of miles out to sea, and is no danger to make land fall in Maine, but her waves and winds are helping rebuild a storm battered beach.

"I'm here everyday, so the change may be slight, but I notice a change every day," stated Brian Murray,park manager of Popham Beach State Park."This storm alone, we gained three inches (of sand) up through here."

Popham Beach was hit hard by the Patriot's Day Storm back in 2007. The storm changed the course of the Morse River, which normally went straight out to sea, but after the storm, the river's channel cut across a huge section of the beach.

Another storm a coupleyears later helped set the Morse straight,but in the process nearly swallowed up a brand new bath house.

"With the Morse River going straight out, we hope this piece here will fill in," explained Murray as he pointed out the old river's bed. "Historically, that's what it has done."

"This has been a beach builder, mostly because of the direction of the wind," added Murray. "We have had a lot of southerly winds, and that is taking sand off of the bars that are out there and bringing it in."

Murray says it is difficult to gauge how much sand is being brought in on the waves, oreven being taken away for that matter, but sand dunes and drifts in the parking lot show the beach is headed in the right direction, at least for now, thanks to the winds of change being churned up by Hurricane Leslie.

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