OLD TOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER)- All eyes turn to the campaign trail and November elections, Portland's Catholic Diocese plans to hold talks around the state to inform people of what many members believe to be proper marriage.

Doctor Angela Frank, of the Boston Catholic Diocese, said, "We just need people to understand that marriage is a reality that we conform ourselves to and not the other way around."

Frank and her husband spoke at Sunday morning's meeting in Old Town. The duo shared their view on a traditional marriage and the benefits, they say, come from the union of a man and woman.

Frank said, "Marriage benefits children and the parents when it is this kind of relationship. When it's oriented toward the future and toward children."

Her husband, Doctor David Frankblamed mainstream media for pushing different ideals on the public. He said, "There's a lot of noise in our society, ideological noise, all kinds of sides are trying to get an agenda across advertisers and all sorts of parties."

While the Catholic Diocese of Portland pushes for voters to say no, members of Mainers United for Marriage said other churches are saying yes.

Campaign Manager, Matt McTighe with Mainers United for Marriage, a group in support of question one, said seventy-five denominations and over four hundred clergy members have shown support for their campaign.

McTighe said, "There are so many people that have come to change their hearts and minds on this issue and come to se that it's not going to harm their marriage in any way all it's going to do is make the institution of marriage stronger."

According to McTighe, the campaign has seen an increase in support since the ballot did not pass in 2009. The campaign believes that all families can benefit from marriage.

"We believe that marriage really is one of the greatest stabilizing institutions our society has to offer and that's why we think it should be encouraged, not discouraged. We really believe that it is something that makes all families stronger and that should include all families of Maine. That should include gay and lesbian families.," said McTighe.

Dr. Frank, however, argues that same-sex marriage would contribute to the fall of marriage.

"This is the stand that we have to take because all of the decay of marriage that preceded homosexual activism will be locked into stone if this agenda is carried through," said Frank.

If passed, Question One would allow the state to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. And the full text of the bill contains a religious exemption that says no clergy member can be compelled to perform a marriage that violates their religious beliefs... And that refusal to perform such a marriage can't be the basis for a lawsuit or for rejection of tax exempt status

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