HOULTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A small goat on a farm in Houlton Maine, has received a lot of attentionsince Tuesdayafter a web video of her jumping over other goats has gone viral.

Buttermilk is a six week old Nigerian dwarf dairy goat. On Friday, her owners Kathryn Harnish and Rob Lawless put a video of her jumping over other goats on YouTube. That video aired on the Today Show on Tuesday, and the owners still cannot believe how popular the video has become.

"One of my colleagues from out in Ohio had said I think I saw your goat on the Today Show. I thought yeah right. Then another colleague who lives in Houston said your goats are on the Today Show," Kathryn Harnish said. "I thought I better go figure this out, so when I went and looked and sure enough there they were talking about our goat from London."

Harnish said the couple was going to give a $25 donation to Farm Sanctuary if the video got 1,000 views on YouTube. As of Tuesday afternoon, the video had more than 2,000,000 hits.

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