GOLDEN, Col. (KUSA) - Audiences watching the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks Sunday night were soaked by storms that posed problems all weekend at the iconic amphitheater.

Red Rocks staff members said one concert on Friday was interrupted by the weather.

Thousands of people had to leave their seats and wait in their cars until the storm passed.

A crowd of about 4,000 turned out Sunday evening for the Colorado Symphony's tribute to Jon Williams, the Star Wars music composer.

Jerry Olp took the stage as a storm trooper.

He and others in the 501st Legion acted out scenes from Star Wars.

"I'm known as Trooper Jerry," Olp said.

He pointed out that there was also a Darth Vader, Luke, Leia and Hans Solo.

One Star Wars character did not brave the rain.

"Chewbacca couldn't perform in this," Olp said.

Olp says the 'cold and wet' weather was not ideal, but it could have been worse.

"At least it's not 104 degrees because that would be killing us in our costumes," Olp said.

Only audience members with small umbrellas get to take them inside.

Red Rocks has policies for inclement weather. Concerts are held rain or shine, as long as it's safe.

"We're pretty well masked up. Everybody's got clothes. We're just going to sit it out," said Bill Melton of Estes Park.

Olp says audiences are bound to get a good show, from what they can see under their umbrellas.

"Red Rocks is such an iconic place," Olp said. "To be on stage at Red Rocks is kind of a big thing for us."

As the concert began, a rainbow appeared over Red Rocks, brightening up an otherwise dreary night.

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