STONINGTON, Conn. (WVIT) - Residents of Stonington, Connecticut say the smell of decaying algae along the shoreline is forcing them from their homes.

Town officials acknowledge the problem, which is centered between two jetties at the end of Ash Street, an area with little tidal flushing and thick with seaweed.

Edward McCreary, who lives nearby, said he suffers from headaches and sinus irritation because of the overwhelming smell.

"When it?s lying between low and high tide, the water and oxygen conjuncts and that's when you get your rich flavors," McCreary said. "You turn on the a/c if you have it, and you don't open those windows, if you're high up, this stuff is a heavy gas."

Dennis Palmer said the fire department came.

?I think they were trying to spray it to get it away and it made it worse," he said.

The stench is something this community has experienced before.

Last year 20 truckloads full of rotten seaweed were removed from the area and residents want a permanent solution.

"Put some kind of permanent barrier that would stop it from coming in and forming on a beach," McCreary said.

Town officials said they are now working with state environmental authorities to solve the stink in Stonington for good.

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