PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The first ever hot wing cookoff challenge is taking place Thursday night, but before the big event, we had a mini-cookoff on the Morning Report.

Chris Gordon of Sea Dog Brewing Co. and Alex Caisse of Buck's Naked BBQ will be competing in thecookoff at the Residence Inn on the Portland Waterfront Thursday night from 6-9pm.

Sea Dog's Habanero Maple Rhubarb Hot Sauce Wing


3 Habanero Chilies (tops cut off with seeds)

3 cups Rhubarb (chopped small)

1/2 cup Spanish or white onions (chopped)

2 cups Reed's Maple Syrup (or any pure Maine maple syrup)

1 cup vinegar

6 oz. tomato paste

12 oz. Sea Dog Windjammer Blonde Ale


Warm a medium sauce pot, add onions, habanero chilies with seeds, and rhubarb. When onion mix starts to sweat, add maple syrup, vinegar, tomato paste, and Windjammer Ale.

Using a blender, puree all ingredients. Let cool over night and smother over prepared wings (baked or fried).

Buck Naked BBQ's Blueberry Lemon Chipotle Wing


1/2 cup Buck's Naked Blueberry BBQ sauce

Juice of 4 lemons

3 sprigs of mint

3 tbsp of brown sugar

1/8 tsp chipotle powder

1 tsp corn starch

1/2 oz. water


Take lemon juice, mint, and chipotle powder and bring to a simmer. Mix the corn starch and water, then stir into lemon, mint, brown sugarand chipotle mixture. Add blueberry BBQ sauce and stir until it's mixed together really well.Simmer until blended. This should take about two minutes. Season wings with Buck's rub love, salt, and pepper, then refrigerate sauce, or toss with your hot wings.

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