FALMOUTH, ME (NEWS CENTER)--Maine beekeepers report that things are buzzing and thatColony CollapseDisorder is not having a significant effect on bees in Maine.

Joel Perez and Don Merrill say they have not been hearing too much about the disorder occurring in Maine. Colony Collapse Disorder causes the worker bee population to disappear and the hive or colony to die off. This is extremely harmful because many agricultural crops are pollinated by bees and because bees play a significant role in the reproduction of plant communities everywhere.

Experts have not been able to identify specifically what causes these collapses. Some believe it's caused by some combination of disease or mites, change related stress, pesticides, and even cell phone radiation.

Perez and Merrill say the problem isn't significant in Maine. They encourage people to use pesticides judiciously. They also hope that we will see a proliferation of local bees. They worry that the importation of "bees from away" bring in colonies which are not hearty enough to survive Maine seasons.

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