Wells, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Wells Harbor is being dredged this week, just in time for Summer and the start of the boating and tourist season.

The build up of sand there has been an ongoing safety concern for years. It has created a hazard by generating huge swells and limiting the clearance for boats coming and going.

Every so often the Army Corps of Engineers will come in with vacuum like machinery, suck the mud up and bring it back out to sea where it came from. The dredging is a costly and constant job. But it is something that must be done. The harbor is an important part of the coastal community's economy.

Hundreds of pleasure boat come in and out of here each summer as well as commercial ones. Satch McMahon has made a living here for 16-years running two charter fishing boats.

"Depending on the weather with any of those swells we have to cancel quite a lot of trips. This year we'll be able top make an additional 15 to 20 trips that we wouldn't be able to make if it wasn't done", he said.

This is what's called a maintenance dredge, a temporary fix to alleviate safety concerns. What is really needed is a full, major dredge. The cost is nearly 4-million dollars. Local leaders are hoping Maine's Congressional Delegation will convince the Army Corps of Engineers to find the money for it.

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