YORK, MAINE (NEWS CENTER) -- Two Colby College graduates decided they wanted to see the country. But not from a plane or a train, they wanted to see it up close and personal - on foot.

The two set out last summer to make an impact across America and stop in places that needed their help. They raised money to fund their walk, enabling them to keep up on their supplies and most importantly, to help out at volunteer organizations.

Their dream began with the idea to want to help people "rediscover the American dream." The plan was to walk throughout the country, helping any person they could in any way. The most obvious form was to give their time to organizations, from animal shelters to childrens' homes. But they were also able to meet a lot of people, explaining just what they were doing, which helped spread the word.

Leaving from York Beach, over 3,000 miles later they reached Santa Monica Pier. And their final outreach? They used the majority of the rest of their money to buy goods for those who currently call 'Skid Row' home.

Check out more about their walk here.

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