ALFRED, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A young man from Biddeford facing manslaughter and aggravated OUI charges for a crash that killed his friend entered a plea of not guilty at his arraignment Monday morning.

Investigators say Patrick Beatson was drunk when he failed to negotiate a turn on West Street in Biddeford and crashed his car into a garage back in January. Beatson's passenger 19-year old Chaz Doraisdied from the injuries he suffered in the crash.

Beatson was released on $1,000 cash bail, something that did not sit well with Dorais' father. He says Beatson has been free since the crash and now he'll remain free until the trial despite the serious charges against him.

"I lost my son in this and this kid gets to walk its not right", said Corey Dorais after the court hearing.

Beatson's attorney says bail is designed to make sure the defendant shows up in court and not to detain or punish him.

"In fairness to both sides the young man accused here has done what he needs to do in order to comply with the system", said defense attorney Cliff Strike.

As part of his bail restrictions Patrick Beatson is not to operate a motor vehicle, consume alcohol or have any contact with potential witnesses in the case, including members of Chaz Dorais' family.

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