PLAINVILLE, Connecticut (WVIT) -A dashboard-mounted camera inside a Connecticut police cruiser captured the harrowing moments as a runaway CT Transit bus slammed into nearby vehicles Wednesday.

The bus was involved in an earlier accident when an SUV pulled out in front of it at an intersection.

Emergency crews were investigating that crash when the bus when a bizarre set of circumstance unfolded.

With no driver on board, the bus somehow rolled over wheel chocks and down a hill.

It traveled three-tenths of a mile, striking a Chevy pickup, then pushed the pickup into an SUV driven by Jennifer Sklenka.

"It was awful, you think you're so safe, but in a split second things change," Sklenka said.

She said the bus came at her so fast, she didn't have time to react.

"It could have been another Avon Mountain. How often do you hear of a runaway bus and a bus that's been in two accidents in a day?" she said. "I'm just grateful my kids weren't with me, ages three, five and seven, and I had just dropped them off at school."

Sklenka and Paradis were transported to New Britain General Hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.

A New Britain Transportation supervisor, David Pizzo, was cited for failing to set the brakes on the transit bus, according to police.

"Accidents happen. Mistakes happen. I'm just glad everyone's okay," Sklenka said.

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