UNITY, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- On April 25, 2012, we introduced you to Game Warden Major Gregory Sanborn and his battle with T-Cell Lymphoma. Major Sanborn needs to find a stem cell donor in orderto survive.

Today at Unity College, the Maine Warden Service and the college put on a stem cell drive to find a donor for major Sanborn and others who are in need of a stem cell donor.

Colonel Joel Wilkinson said Sanborn still needs a donor, and that there will be other drives going on in other New England states to try and find a match.

"We put the word out with the national chiefs association as well. I know there's gonna be some additional drives going on in New Hampshire and various other New England states as well. And I think that shows the comradery amongst the law enforcement community to step up and not only take care of and try to help one of their ownbut also be a contributor to the rest of the communities they serve in the event that they could be a match for anyone," Col. Wilkinson said.

If you want to be a stem cell donor, you need to be between ages 18 and 60 and meet certain health requirements.

For a list of the requirements you can visit click on join the registry and then medical guidelines.

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