RUMFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Friends and relatives of an 8-year old boy killed in a car crash last year are pushing for new laws that would prohibit people from driving while on methadone.

Mathew Thurston was a passenger in the car his mother was driving last August.

"It's been pretty hard. You don't expect to have to go to an 8-year old's funeral for any reason", said his uncle Danny Thurston.

At the time of the crash the boy's mother was on methadone. While she says she just fell asleep behind the wheel the boy's friends and relatives are convinced methadone played a role in the crash.

Last Year Governor LePage signed a new law making it a crime to drive a large commercial vehicle while on methadone .But there's nothing on the books in Maine to prevent a person from driving a passenger car or truck while on the drug.

"It's my opinion a driver is a driver. If I had to choose I would say a commercial driver has more experience because they drive everyday", said Shannan Thielbar, who'se son was Matty's best friend.

Friends and relatives says they've faced a tough time getting anyone in the law enforcement community or the political arena to help with their cause. So they says they'll be soon taking their case to the people via the internet.

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