EXETER, NH(NEWS CENTER) -- Vice President Joe Biden visited New Hampshire Thursday afternoon and addressed more than 100 supporters at a town hall event in Exeter focusing on tax policy.

During his speech, Biden criticized what he called Governor Romney's plan to give tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans as a way to jump start the economy. He also spoke about how the Obama Administration wants to invest in education, research, development, and clean energy, instead of giving more tax breaks to the wealthy.

Vice President Biden also focused on the "Buffett Rule", President Obama's proposal that promotes tax fairness.

"No one who makes$1 million or more in any single given year will pay at an effective tax rate that's less than 30%. It's simply a matter of fairness, but more than that I would argue, it's a matter of common sense," Vice President Bidensaid.

Thursday's visit to New Hampshire was one of a series in recent weeks Vice President Biden has made focusing on the importance of the manufacturing industry.

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