OKLAHOMA CITY (NBC) -- On Saturday Oklahoma City was introduced to a woman named Sweet Brown.

Her reaction to a fire at her apartment complexwas shown on NBC affiliate KFOR's evening newscast.

Since then Sweet Brown has gone viral.

Her big personality has brought her a lot of attention on the Internet.

KFOR caught up with Sweet Brown Tuesday.

Regarding her new-found fame she said, "I've been shown it, but I don't like looking at it because I don't like looking at myself like that because I look like a joke and I was really serious!"

The attention likely won't fade soon.

Sweet Brown's interview from Saturday has had more than 20,000 hits on YouTube.

Brown was shocked to learn of her fame.

Her son Stanford, who made his own appearance in the popular video, was one of many to repost the YouTube link to Facebook.

While some are questioning whether Sweet Brown was faking her reaction, her son said that really is his mother's personality.

Her apartment was not damaged by the fire.

The power was still off to the complex Tuesday morning; however, residents were told it would be turned on by the end of the day.

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