PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Portland art exhibit is being sent to Greece. Portes, the greek title meaning "doors," is an exhibit meant to open the doors between Portland and it's sister city, Mytilene.

The city on the Lesvos island of Greece, became Portland's sister city in 2003. Money for the exhibit is being raised by Tetra Projects and the Hellenic Society through their kickstarter page.

Portes is a survey of works on paper including drawing, painting, collage, photography, printmaking, and mixed media works.

"Some of the projects have Greek text in them, some of them have greek imagery in them, and many of the other ones are about Maine and about Portland, and are about trying to show Greeks contemporary Maine. One of my ideas was that if a visitor of Greece were to walk around Portland and visit the art galleries, to try to give them an idea of what they might see," Director of Tetra Projects, Jeff Badgersaid.

Portes opens in Greece on June eighth during the 100th anniversary celebration of Mytilene and Lesvos island's liberation from Ottoman rule.

Lesvos island is the paternal ancestral home of Maine's senator, Olympia Snowe.

Portland has four sister cities: Mytilene, Greece, Shinagawa, Japan,Cap-Haitien, Haiti, andArchangel, Russia.

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