HILTON HEAD, South Carolina (WSAV) -Frank Ventre, at 102 years old, remembers a time most of us only read about.

"We used to ride on a trolley for a nickel," said Ventre. "We used to buy bread for three cents.

And while he says it's those days where life was at its simplest, he's living well into the new-age world, mostly by avoiding it.

He spends two hours a day at a gym in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and has developed quite a fan base.

"Everybody knows me, they say hello, Frank," said Ventre. "But I don't know their names."

Fellow gym mates see him as an inspiration to living longer and healthier lives.

Health professionals say a big part to longevity is maintaining a healthy lifestyle where exercise is paramount.

And Frank Ventre is 102 years of living proof behind that, though he prefers measuring his time in money.

"I feel like a million dollars," said Ventre.

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