SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -A teenager in Scarborough is having a tougher time getting around, after his wheelchair was taken last Tuesday. Now, he and his family are hoping someone will come forward and help him get it back.

Chris Fitzgerald got off the bus Tuesday afternoon to find that the wheelchair his mother leaves at the bus stop for him was missing. He and his mom say the only explanation is that someone took it.

Chris relies on the wheelchair for many things. One of them is the quarter mile walk from the bus stop to his house.

His mom leaves the chair at the end of the neighbor's driveway on days when she works late. They have talked to neighbors, and searched around the neighborhood, but there has been no sign of the chair. The family says they don't want to press charges, they just want whoever has the wheelchair to return it.

"I don't know who would need it, so I never thought anybody would try to take it," says Chris, "That wheelchair's not going to fit anybody else but me so who needs it that badly?"

Anyone with any information on the wheelchair's whereabouts should call Scarborough Police at 883-6361 or the anonymous tip line at 730-4200 Ext. 3093.

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