SEATTLE (NBC) -- It's one of the worst winters he's even seen but the head groundskeeper at Seattle's Safeco Field is fighting back.

He's brought in some European sunshine.

Stadium Grow Lighting, a Netherlands company, rolled out a mobile lighting system that has been greening up soccer fields around the world.

The lights are tuned to the optimum level of photosynthetically active radiation to stimulate grass growth in even the darkest corners of the field and this time of year Safeco has plenty of them.

"The sun never shines along this strip in the winter," said Groundskeeper Bob Christofferson as he pointed to the first base line.

Growing grass in the shadows is not an easy thing but with mobile lighting they can roll the bank of grow lights wherever they are needed in the field.

Opening day is April 13 and Christofferson says by then, with this system, the grass will be at standards they usually don't get until May.

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