PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A boy from Cumberland was recognized Tuesday for his heroic efforts today in helping to save his mother's life.

10 year old John Kearney was awarded the Meritorious Action Medal at the Boy Scout's Governor's Luncheon.

Kearney was hiking along the Maine-New Hampshire border with parents when his mother tripped, fell 30 feet, hit her head on a rock and had a seizure.

The boy's father ran 2 miles to get help while John applied pressure to the wound and comforted his mother.

Two hours later, help arrived and April Kearney was air lifted to a hospital.

"I feel proud of myself," says the young Kearney, and "they're proud of me for doing this, especially my mom."

John and his parents say he used the skills he learned in the Cub Scouts to help out his Mom that day.

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