Colby College sets the standard for bench celebrations

WATERVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Colby College men's basketball team has gone from an obscure Division III program to an internet sensation thanks to four lively reserves.

Senior Jonathan Kalin, sophomores John Gallego, Michael Lognioff, and freshman Peter Marchetti have become the most recognizable members of theteam thanks to their livelyin-game celebrations. Since posting their compilationfrom the 2013-14 season, more than 300,000 people have watched their YouTube clip with it reaching national platforms likes ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox News, and even international notoriety like sports blogs in Spain.

It was a response to their coach's who criticized their lack of energy during an early season game.

"I just kind of mentioned it briefly, pretty simple just sort of an idea of trying to again make sure that you know we're all working together," said head coach Damien Strahorn.

His assistant Greg Rosnick gave the players a list of ideas.

"We got an email from assistant coach Rosnick that said basically do whatever you want to support the team," said Loginoff.

One of the options was simply raising their volume.

"I remember one of the guys sitting next to me told me, I can't sit next to you anymore, because you hurt my ears," said Kalin.

For some fans, it took a little time to get a sense of what they were doing.

"My girlfriend would show up with her friends and they would be talking like why is that guy doing pushups right now?" Kalin added.

There were dances like "The Bernie,"the "Travel Shuffle,"or justGallego breakdancing.

"I didn't even know what was going on for like the next three plays, because I was laughing so hard in my shirt," Kalin said.

Some of the more disintguishable ones were taken direcly from others sports like "The Field Goal Unit" and "Touch 'em all," referring to a home run in baseball.

Their celebrations have inspired student sections elsewhere country. One example is Oklahoma State fans copying their "Gentleman's Celly," which is done when the players stand up out of their seats and clap once after a made free-throw.

The collaboration has been beneficial to the team as a whole helping the Mules to a 14-12 record, equaling their win total from the previous two years combined.

"When you get a bunch of guys on the same page, good things happen," Loginoff said.

With all those imitators, the Mules are keeping a lid onnext season's innovations.

"We've got to keep our tricks up our sleeve," said Loginoff.

To see the original video of Colby celebrations from this past season, click on the link below:

Video courtesy of Colby College Athletics


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