Life lessons learned on the basketball court

6:36 PM, Feb 20, 2012   |    comments
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VINALHAVEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Students may be free from class for February Break, but there is still plenty of teaching going on at High School Basketball tournament sites across the state.
The coach of the Vinalhaven Girls Varsity squad, Alan Lazaro, says lessons learned out the hardwood transfer into basic life skills as well.
"For every bad mistake she makes, she always comes back. She keeps at it," says Lazaro of one of his players.
"Us coaches, I think we want it more for them than sometimes they do," he explains, "because they work so hard and you just want them to succeed. And all those girls will succeed at whatever they do because they all work hard."
Lazaro says he tries to remain calm during the game, but as the clock ticks down, nervous energy ramps up.
He says its important to balance between coaching and cheerleading... and learning to deliver constructive criticism.
"The hardest part with teaching young girls is their emotion, when to yell at them, not scream at them, but try to focus them and when to put your arm around them and tell them its OK."
"He's really brought us all together and guided us here," says senior guard Izza Drury.
Her teammates agree.
They say he does a good job leading the team and getting them ready for games.
And Lazaro says for all the emotion and balancing act, it's still a fun job.


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