"Sad Video" on Facebook and Twitter is scammers at work

COLUMBIA, SC (WLTX) -- There's another video floating around on Facebook tricking users into clicking through to see a "Sad Video" of a woman allegedly being beaten to death, but it's a string of fake websites all designed to make money for the fraudsters.

The video title is [SAD VIDEO] Her head was beat in and she died during this fight (Press PLAY to watch.)

This scam appears in your Facebook timeline once a friend of yours clicks through to watch the video. When you follow the link, it takes you to a website mocked up to appear to be another page on Facebook - thought he URL for the page is designed to look like you're on the page of a news organization.

When you click the play button on the video, it prompts you to share the video before you can watch it (this should be a big red flag to you - anytime you watch a video online you can actually


it before sharing to your friends, right?)

It's the confirmation on this window that's helping the scam become widespread on Facebook. People are just curious by nature, and with the wording on the alleged video is written to grasp that curiosity and hook in the curious.

After sharing the post on your own Facebook timeline, the site then sends you another notification - claiming this time to be a verification of your account - before letting you watch the video. This includes requesting your email address, directing you to complete an online survey (or two, or more) - and this is where the scammers are making their money. Those online surveys pay those that drive traffic to them - so the more these scammers can circulate this bogus video link on Facebook - the more earning potential they have.

Remember: You shouldn't ever have to share a link, complete a survey, or submit any personal information prior to viewing video content on mainstream news sites, Facebook pages, or YouTube. If ever you are instructed to, move on and don't click the links.

Through a little digging, we also discovered this video being shared through Twitter, with the video headline and a link to the video.

If you have shared the video, remove it from your timeline on Facebook or Twitter, and alert your friends and followers that it was a scam.


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