Seat belt education and enforcement campaign

BANGOR, Maine -- Click it, or ticket! Some local police agencies are cracking down on drivers taking to the roads without wearing their seat belts. This two-week campaign is to encourage people behind the wheel and passengers to wear their seat belts.

Information from the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows deaths from car crashes are up nationwide for the first time in five years. Eastern Maine Medical Center Emergency Physician, Jack Nicolet said taking three seconds to buckle up can be a lifesaver.

"A seat belt keeps your body in the car and keeps you from becoming a projectile which has a very high mortality rate."

Nicolet said by stopping and taking the time to 'click it' your risk of injury goes down if your in an accident.

"If you are wearing your seat belt the injuries are far less severe and you have a much better chance of walking out of the emergency department and going home if you have worn your seat belt."

Sergeant David Silk of Orono Police Department said about half of people involved in car accidents were not wearing a seat belt.

"If more and more people wear their seat belts we can try and bring the crash fatality down to zero which would be the ultimate goal of the entire program."

Silk said most accidents happen only a few miles from your house, so if you're not going to click it, expect a ticket. The first incident is $70, the second is $160 and the third is $310.


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