Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine spends time in Maine and New Hampshire

VP candidate Kaine makes stop in New Hampshire.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) – Democratic Vice President nominee Tim Kaine is in Maine this evening for a private fundraiser.

Before heading here he spent the day in New Hampshire trying to win support from young voters. He made two stops in Portsmouth and Exeter. In Portsmouth, the Virginia Senator and Hillary Clinton’s running mate spent about an hour on stage discussing Hillary Clinton’s policy goals and bashing her GOP opponent Donald Trump. 

Kaine said he and Clinton have three primary goals. Forge an economy that works for everyone, become stronger in the world through the military and diplomacy and to build a community of respect here at home.

“We’re troubled by a political climate where at least to some its okay if you suggest Muslims should be treated as second class, trash somebody if their heritage is Mexican-American, make offensive comments about women”, he said.

Kaine said the difference between Clinton and Trump can be summed up by the titles of their books, Clinton’s is Stronger Together and Trump’s is Crippled America

“I guess that’s the way it looks from the penthouse and the big tower. To him Crippled America. I don’t think that’s who we are. I think we’re a can-do, optimistic, upbeat, patriotic, problem-solving people”, he said.

Kaine urged voters to get out to the polls. He acknowledged it is tough for his running mate to do something never done before. Become the first woman president.

“If you’re trying to do something for the first time it's by definition harder, so we’re not taking anything for granted. While I think we’re in a good position now, everything is so close and the stakes are so high”, he said.

This was Kaine’s third trip to New Hampshire since becoming Clinton’s running mate. 


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