Senate primaries foreshadowing general election

(NEWS CENTER) -- There were several Senate primaries around the U.S. Tuesday, and the wins and losses are previewing what will happen in the general election in the fall.

In Georgia, North Carolina and Kentucky the more established Republican candidates won instead of the tea party candidates. Phil Harriman said it shows him that though there's a lot of energy around the Tea Party ideals, they lack the votes.

"There's a big difference between spouting political philosophies and transferring it into energy that will deliver results," said Harriman.

Ethan Strimling said he thinks the Tea Party has affected the political spectrum of the United Sates, with Mitch McConnell now considered to be moderate. He said these wins are not good for Democrats.

"Now that Republicans have gotten their game together and united, it's going to be a lot harder in the fall," said Strimling.

As for Maine politics, there is currently a petition asking Senator Angus King to endorse Mike Michaud in the governor's race. King and Michaud have had a working relationship, and many think Senator King should continue endorsing across the aisle, like he did with Senator Susan Collins. However, Harriman said that Eliot Cutler helped fundraise a lot of money for King's race for Senate.

"I'm sure Eliot Cutler's saying to himself, hey buddy, remember your old buddy Eliot here," said Harriman.

"It would be very hard for King to not endorse Cutler - it would be political betrayal," said Strimling.


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