Phil and Ethan weigh in on campaign ads thus far

(NEWS CENTER) -- As November approaches, the Maine gubernatorial are starting to run advertisements on television. In a very tight campaign like the Maine governor race, well produced television advertisements are necessary to keep up with the other candidates.

In Gov. Paul LePage's new ad, he uses his criticism as strengths. Phil Harriman said it was his chance to repackage to his image.

"He says 'I'm not a career politician. I say what I'm going to do. I do it, here's what we accomplished,'" said Harriman.

Ethan Strimling said he thinks the advertisement is effective and addresses his accomplishments.He said that the ad speaks to his base very well, but he needs to expand beyond that.

"Can he push himself above 41 or 42 percent (of the vote), which is what he needs to win? I'm not sure the ad gets there, because the negatives are so cooked in," said Strimling.

Harriman said the key is to use the ad to attract voters beyond the base voters.

Mike Michaud's campaign ad sells him as a regular guy and Mainer.

"If that's the person Maine people see throughout this campaign, he's giving himself a very good opportunity to win this race," said Strimling.

Harriman said it's a good introduction to the first congressional district in Maine.

"We learn he comes from a big family, he has a high school education, and he worked in the paper mill," said Harriman.

Michaud and Gov. LePage are currently tied in the polls, with Eliot Cutler in third.


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