Gov. LePage faces controversies

(NEWS CENTER) -- Gov. LePage is facing several controversies of recent, which is putting a new twist in the gubernatorial race. This week, the Maine Municipal Association said it is seeking court intervention about the general assistance controversy. Gov. LePage recently announced that he would deny state funding to municipalities that provide general assistance to people who can't prove they are U.S. citizens. The State Attorney General said he cannot do that and state and federal law says towns must provide the assistance.

"They are between a rock and a hard place. They want to provide assistance to those who need it, and the Municipal Association is saying they are going to have to sue to determine the rules," said Ethan Strimling.

"The federal government doesn't provide funding to people who are here illegally or not here yet legally," said Phil Harriman.

Strimling pointed out the constitution does not discriminate on legal status. Harriman said the court will provide a valuable function in this decision.

Another issue that Gov. LePage is battling is his quote that lumped social security into welfare. He has said that his words were twisted. His team is having robotic calls to Maine household that have Gov. LePage making a statement.

"The papers did not misquote it, they pulled it right off his office's press release. From a campaign tactic view, they are using these robo calls as a way for the governor to make clear in his own words he does not consider social security as welfare," said Harriman.

"The governor's first words are 'I do not believe social security is welfare.' His first words are very defensive and he then goes on the attack, and attacks Mike Michaud and newspapers," said Strimling.

Strimling said this shows the campaign attack season has begun, which normally doesn't happen until after Labor Day. Harriman said he thinks most people will hang up on the robo calls, but the first four seconds do provide the message Gov. LePage wants to make.


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