Democratic convention held in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- State Senator Troy Jackson brought the Democratic convention crowd to its feet Saturday afternoon, as he and fellow Sen. Emily Cain campaigned for their party's nomination in Maine's Second Congressional District. Cain and Jackson are running against each other in the June 10 primary.

Both candidates had large groups of supporters. Cain drew cheers for her support for women's issues and abortion right, and fighting Governor LePage and Republicans over the budget and pension cuts. Cain also cited her record of trying to reach across the aisle and work with the opposite party.

In an apparent rebuttal to Jackson's criticisms of her bipartisan efforts, Cain told delegates "It isn't enough to be a fighter, you have to be a leader."

But Jackson, a former logger from northern Maine, delivered an emotional speech about standing up for the working class. Jackson talked about loggers, nurses, fishermen and teachers, and said he would support and trust any of them before trusting the wealthy or corporations. He talked about growing up in a small house with no heat or indoor plumbing. "Poverty, unfairness, cowardice, corporate greed-I've known these things all my life", said Jackson.

He also took a swing at Cain who has received considerable support from party interest groups and PACS. Jackson said "when the corporate elite try to keep me quiet with thief check books, I won't back down."

The race between Jackson and Cain is considered by many to be close. However, Cain has a significant financial advantage over Jackson, who is reportedly trying to raise money to run TV ads during the final days of the campaign.

Maine Democrats were cheering their favorite underdog today, as U.S.Senate candidate Shenna Bellows excited the crowd at the party convention in Bangor. Bellows is running against popular, three them incumbent Republican Sen.Susan Collins, who is heavily favored by most polls and political analysts.

Bellows told the delegates she will stand for the rights of those who are "left behind or left out," support a higher minimum wage and oppose policies that interfere with civil liberties.

A Bellows supporter, who claimed to have been a one time supporter of Collins, saiD Collins had changed, and now bites too often with Republicans. Bellows told the crowd she believes she can win, despite her underdog status.


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