Data and VA scandal play into governor race

(NEWS CENTER) -- Maine State Police announced Monday that the state has experienced the largest crime drop in years, data showing a drop of 9.1 percent, the biggest dip since 1993. This crime drop was under Gov. Paul LePage's government and Phil Harriman said he will likely use it in the Gubernatorial race.

"But if I am on the other side of the issue, I am going to point out that aggravated assault is up 17 percent, that is a very serious crime statistic. While it is great for the Governor to highlight, he also needs to point out there are issues to address," said Harriman.

Ethan Strimling agreed, but pointed out that crime is not a very important issue in Maine.

"It's not something people are very concerned about," said Strimling.

He said the more important number is the unemployment percentage. He said if the unemployment number goes down, Gov. LePage will receive credit, but growth has been slow. Harriman said that employment is headed in the right direction, which the Governor will claim.

Current Congressmen and Democrat candidate for Governor Mike Michaud was recently criticized due to the VA scandal. Michaud sits on the VA committee in Washington. The Ellsworth American recently called for his resignation, like former Secretary Shinseki. Strimling said he thinks the newspaper lost a lot of credibility over the editorial.

"It's like saying a Republican lawmaker should resign over Gov. LePage's issue with the Alexander Report, it's a total disconnect, said Strimling.

"It was a way of saying everybody on the committee is in charge of the all happened under your watch, you all should go," said Harriman.

There is less than six months left until the general election.


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