Police react to deadly NH domestic abuse

ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A massive explosion blew apart a New Hampshire home Monday. Authorities believe inside is the body of a man suspected of opening fire on a responding police officer, killing him. 48-year-old Stephen Arkell, a part-time member of the force and father of two teen daughters was shot and killed at the scene before the explosion. Police said Officer Arkell was responding to a domestic-abuse call when he was shot. Investigators have not said what caused the fire and explosion, but they are continuing to investigate.

This shooting, so close to our own state that its brought up questions. Like, how does Maine law enforcement respond to an emergency call for domestic violence? Orono Police said high-intense domestic violence cases can strike at any time and officers have to be vigilant because once the sirens are on, some people get even more agitated. They said sometimes they have to take action, so they can neutralize both parties. Authorities said full-time police officers have an 18-week extensive training at Maine Criminal Justice Academy to know how to respond.

"You get there and you can hear it happening on the other side of the door and sometimes you try to knock on the door and they are not answering the door and you need to get in through the door. I've been at calls where we have to kick the door down and go in and you never know what you are going to find at the other side of the door."

As police are in route they hope to know: Who is involved? Is there a weapon? Does a person need medical assistance? And are there kids around?

These questions have helped officers respond to about 40 cases last year. It's this information that preps them for what they might face.


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