Multi-town firefighter training

CARMEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A multitude of towns came together to join forces to help prepare volunteer emergency personnel for their day of duty. These men and women have been through hours of rigorous classroom training to receive their certification to become a Wildland Firefighter. About 70 volunteer firefighters are learning skills that will help them tackle those emergencies. Most of their time has been spent in a classroom, but now they're putting their training to the test. A number of agencies were involved in this mock training exercise and giving these students a more well-rounded education.

Forest Ranger, Jerry Parsons believes this experience will help them prepare for the unexpected calls.

"They have had the training - textbook training, but they haven't really had a chance to apply it and that's what we are doing today to make that happen to see them work it."

Volunteer firefighter, Kyle Holand said he's been looking forward to this day.

"A lot of us are physical learners - we learn best when we do. And a lot of firemen are doers, so it's great to put it here. Get out of the book and do it in the real world."

Kyle's twin brother, Kevin Holand is also a volunteer firefighter and he said the countless hours of studying and physical training is worth it.

"It's hard it's a lot of work, but when you have that person that says thank you for putting out that fire - thank you for saving my property."


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