Westbrook man accused of harassing Freeport Flag Ladies

Freeport flag ladies accuse man of harassment.

FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Freeport Flag ladies have gotten a temporary protection order against a Westbrook man who they claim has been harassing them.

Elaine Greene, Carmen Footer and Joann Miller say they first encountered James Roux of Westbrook two years ago when he showed up on their porch and began yelling at one of them to take down their flag. He also showed up at a 9-11 ceremony in September and was arrested for disorderly conduct.

James Roux lost his father in the attacks on 9-11. In a letter published in the Portland Press Herald after his arrest in September, Roux said he believes 9-11 should be a day of remembrance. "I saw no representation of peaceful views. To me, the ceremony was a painful example of my father's murder being exploited to advance partisan, political and disturbing policies." He calls himself a pacifist and is upset by what he sees as the Freeport Flag Ladies promotion of the military. The Flag Ladies say they only promote patriotism and are not political in any way.

"What we do is not about us, it's about men and women who serve this nation, people who go to work and do a decent job and take care of their families," said Elaine Greene.

A few weeks ago Greene says Roux and his mother showed up at the same corner where the Flag Ladies have stood each Tuesday for fourteen years. They had signs that supported refugees. Greene says Roux later confronted them at a nearby restaurant and police advised them to seek the protection from harassment order.

"People are trying to say the harassment is against someone holding a sign about refugees, it's not, it's about Jamie Roux harassing us," said Greene.

We reached out to both James Roux and his mother, but neither would comment.

A court date to determine whether the temporary protection order should be continued is set for January 4th.


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