Wall falls wrong way onto Old Town Fire Department

OLDTOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- As demolition continued on the Old Town Canoe building Thursday morning, things didn't go quite as planned while tearing down the last building.

That building was in close proximity to the Old Town Fire Department. The construction company tried to drag the building towards the river, but the back wall gave out and fell in the opposite direction, damaging the side of the fire department. No one at the station or on the construction site were injured, but the debris did cause some cosmetic damage to the fire department, destroying a fire escape.

"We have two other ways out so that's like our third means, so that's really good. We're fortunate in that regard. The last building was very close to our building and they had a plan in place to take that building down without it coming down on our building at all but sometimes the best laid plans don't always work out ," said Old Town Fire Chief Steve O'Malley.

O'Malley says a structural engineer was at the station earlier and determined the building structure is sound. Insurance companies from both parties were also on scene to assess the damage, but there is no word yet on how much it will cost to repair the damages.


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