Veazie Police teach home security after robberies

VEAZIE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A string of recent car and home robberies have prompted the Veazie Police Department to take preventive measures. On Wednesday night, police held a Home Security Strategies seminar to teach people in the area how to improve the safety of their homes and vehicles.

Police say many of the recent home invasions in Veazie were preventable- weak locks were one factor but the biggest factor was human error. Many of the thieves were able to enter their targeted homes and cars simply through unlocked doors.

At Wednesday night's Home Security Strategies seminar, police showed residents how they can make easy and inexpensive changes to their security systems that will make their property less vulnerable.

Tips like adding anti tamper plates to a door can keep invaders from using a credit card to swipe through the lock.

Windows can also be a weak spot in a home's barrier- police suggest small window alarms be put on all windows to alert sleeping homeowners of a breach.

Home security also applies to social media- police ask that you keep vacation plans off social networking sites like facebook so as not to advertise an empty house. But the most important and least expensive tip the police gave is for people to always lock their doors and to keep valuables out of site.

"We had a recent rash of car burglaries a couple of weeks ago and every single one of the vehicles was unlocked. People leaving valuable inside the vehicle. Basically if you don't leave anything there to take, they can't take it," said Sargent Brian Nichols of the Veazie Police Department.

Police say that thieves don't want to be seen or heard so the more difficult people make their homes and cars to break into, the less likely they will be targeted.


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