Teachers saving money with redistributed materials

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The new school year is right around the corner. For teachers, that can mean spending hundreds of dollars of their own money on classroom materials.

That's why so many teachers line up on opening day at Ruth's Reusable Resources. The non-profit provides a variety of school supplies. The materials are donated by more than six hundred businesses that are looking to unload things they would otherwise throw away. Schools pay three dollars per student or a minimum of five hundred dollars a year, and teachers can shop throughout the school year for free.

"We are taking the stuff businesses don't want and putting it into the classrooms where the teachers and the students need it most, but we are also keeping it out of the landfill, sometimes just a little longer but sometimes for good" founder Ruth Libby told NEWS CENTER.

Since 1994, Ruth's Reusable Resources has redistributed nearly $50 million in supplies to schools.


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