Study ranks Maine 8th in worst rural roads

HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A new study by has ranked Maine eighth in worst rural roads.

According to the new study, by "Trip," a national transportation research group, 28 percent of Maine's rural roads are in disrepair. That eans roads in less populated towns and going through neighborhoods aren't getting the attention they need. The study also claimed that 16 percent of Maine's bridges need repair.

The town of Hermon has a $1 million annual budget that goes toward repairing the roads.

According to Hermon's town manager, a harsh winter and the increased number of trucks on the road has caused the town to have to repave more badly damaged roads this year, compared to past years.

The cost of materials has increased over the past decade, making it more difficult to spread the money around. Hermon has to stick to a rating system to determine which roads need the most help.

"We rate all our roads as to what the condition of the surface is. When we do this rating we put in the intensity of traffic we get on that road and the importance of that road in our area," Town Manager Roger Raymond said.

Hermon's latest annual budget was just allotted at the beginning of this month.

Due to the poor road conditions and the town wanting to act as quickly as possible, officials expect to use up at least 30 percent of the town's budget by the end of the month.


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