Some York county residents begin rationing water from drought

Drought conditions continue to affects Southern Maine.

YORK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Customers in the town of York are being asked to cut back on their water usage as drought conditions intensify in Southern Maine.
Parts of York county were upgraded from severe to extreme according to the US Drought Monitor.
While the dry conditions are causing isolated problems in some municipalities it's a different story for homeowners who rely on dug wells for their water supply.
Erinn Stearns had a rude awakening when they ran out of water while taking showers. Without significant rainfall to replenish the groundwater, the levels in their well have dropped more than ten feet. Further south the York Water District is planning on buying water from Kennebunk for 30 days to slow the demand on its’ water supply. 
As for Stearns she says if the drought continues she will look at other options for water.
Erinn Stearns says her family would look for other option if the dry conditions continue.
'We are thinking we are going to do this for a while and if something doesn't happen we will have to get a drilled well," said Stearns.
Experts say homeowners with dug wells need to conserve water especially if the dry conditions continue into the fall and winter

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