Snowmobilers have confrontation with moose in Jackman

JACKMAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Janis Powell and her husband thought they were in for a peaceful snowmobile ride in Jackman Friday...that is until they met a moose.

The video -- shot by a woman's helmet camera -- shows her and her husband traveling down a path on snowmobiles behind a moose.

The moose suddenly turns around to confront the couple. They were terrified, and unsure how to get the moose to leave. They fired a warning shot in the air to scare the moose away.

NEWS CENTER contacted the Maine Warden Service about this incident.

"We just want to remind people that any wild animal is unpredictable. If they do act aggressive, we should suggest that people just back away," Sgt. Scott Thrasher said. "Just let the animal have its space. If it's aggressive, their ears may lay back, the hair on the back of their neck may be standing up, simply not acting normal. Stomping its hooves, not acting normal. We just suggest people back away."

Anyone with more questions about how to interact with an animal in the wilderness is asked to contact the Maine Warden Service.


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