Portland still mopping up and drying out

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Flooding has created major headaches for dozens of businesses and homeowners in the Greater Portland area, but it has also created a sudden surge in work for clean up companies.

Workers for those companies expect to stay busy for weeks. The calls started coming in Wednesday night not long after the heavy rain started to fall.

Outside Union Station Billiards the sign reads closed until further notice. Inside it's up to a crew from Servpro to make that further notice come sooner rather than later. The storm sent several inches of water flooding down into the basement business.

Dustin Souza has been doing this work for about ten years. Never before has he seen this many calls for one storm. Job one for him right now is to get all the water out of the pool hall. Then comes the drying process. Something that typically takes 3 to 5 days.

"There is groundwater. Originally there was 4 inches of standing water down there. A lot of it has settled right now we're just extracting the water trying to get the drying process going", he said.

Servpro teams for across New England have been called into help with this suddenly surge in work.


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