Market Basket execs move forward with threats to replace employees

Biddeford, MAINE (NEWS CENTER) -- Monday marked the deadline for Market Basket employees who walked off their jobs to return to work or risk being replaced.

In a statement released Monday, the CEOs said, "We have heard from many associates who are interested in applying for internal positions but are concerned for their safety if they attend the scheduled job fair." In response, they've created an email address interested applicants can take advantage of:

Weeks into protests, employees continue to stand in solidarity with fired CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

He and his side of the family have been fighting for controlling shares of the company, but last night Demoulas offered to come back to "stabilize and begin to restore his business." Market Basket executives have rejected that proposal.

The store's parking lot in Biddeford was nearly empty on Monday. Most of that store's employees have continued coming to work, but store director Micum McIntire says if a resolution doesn't come soon, he'll have to cut back on part-time workers.

McIntire estimates sales have dropped by as much as 90% at their location.

Also Monday, Jack Demoulas, Market Basket's director of dairy and frozen foods, released a letter to employees of the company.

It reads in part, "I think it was wrong for Arthur S. to fire Arthur T. in 2014. I also think the course of action taken to shut down our stores is wrong. Two wrongs still do not make a right. We have inconvenienced our customers, traumatized thousands of associates, hurt our suppliers, and made a public circus out of a private dispute."

In the meantime, the lack of shoppers has left an excess of perishable items at stores and many, including Biddeford's Market Basket, have been donating those goods to local food pantries who have been able to help more people with more food in the last few weeks. They too, however, are hoping for a resolution soon to prevent further job loss.


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