Superintendent defends toy weapon policy

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Lewiston High School student has reportedly been suspended for ten days for bringing a toy squirt gun to school.

Superintendent Bill Webster says he is not refuting any of the media reports that claim a student has been suspended. But he would not confirm any specific details either. He does, however, wholeheartedly defend the school's policy on toy weapons.

The school department's policy on weapons states if a student has a weapon in school, toy or otherwise, he or she will automatically receive a ten day suspension. The school department will then further investigate the incident to determine how long the actual suspension will be. Webster says in order for the weapons policy to be effective, it has to apply to all situations where weapons or fake weapons are involved.

"Now a yellow squirt gun, some may argue that's not a weapon," Webster said. "Well if it were black would we feel differently? Or if it were a little different shape would we feel differently? We are not in the business of differentiating whether this particular toy is appropriate and this one over here is not."

Webster says school officials are also concerned about a game called "Assassins" that some Lewiston High School students are playing. The game involves being given the name of another student by the game leader and squirting them with a squirt gun. Webster says while it may seem innocent enough, the game has led to a car accident and a report of perceived stalking. Webster says school officials are planning a public meeting to educate the community about the game.

NEWS CENTER did find tweets that appear to be from the student who was suspended addressing the issue:


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