Hinckley Yachts looks to hire EMCC students

TRENTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- It's an 86 year old luxury boat building company in Trenton, and it's looking for a few good workers. Hinckley Yatchs is inviting Eastern Maine Community College students to apply for full time jobs after graduation. After experiencing a surge in production and popularity, the company almost can't hire employees fast enough to keep up with demand.

Hinckely Yachts and EMCC partnered together two years ago to create a woodworking program that would teach students the basic skills needed for building the signature wood style boats the company is known for. Now that the company is in need of employees, those EMCC students are the first potential hires they are turning to.

"I know going in to high school and college that there's always the wonder, are you going to get a good job? And to get a dream job right out of college is an incredible feeling."

Trevor Bowden is an Eastern Maine Community College student who has been hired for his dream job- and he still has a couple weeks to go before he graduates. He's one of the students in EMMC's Fine Woodworking and Cabinet Making course- and thanks to the program's partnership with Hinckley Yatchs, he learned the skill set needed to start his career as a boat builder.

"We really felt like there was a match to be made there in terms of what they were trying to produce for a student, and what we were looking for for core skills in a student," said Andrew Fitzpatrick, General Manager of Hinckley Maine operations.

In the last year, Hinckley's increased number of boat orders has caused them to hire 100 new employees. They're still looking to fill 20 to 30 more positions immediately- that's where the partnership with the college has become a valuable resource, not only for the company, but for the students as well.

"It really sets them up for success not only in the work place, but also sets the work place up for success, that they're able to bring an employee in and advance them into their operation pretty quickly," Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick knows that being able to give jobs to so many local craftsmen is rare in this economy.

"It's an exciting opportunity in today's world to be able to say that we're continuing to ramp up and enjoy success," he said.

EMCC administrators are also proud to be a part of that success, knowing they made the right decision developing the partnership with Hinckley for their students.

"Seeing that they're employed getting good paying jobs in Maine just makes me feel like that's what my job's all about," said EMCC President, Lawrence Barrett.

Currently, nine out of the 14 EMCC students in the program have applied to Hinckley Yachts. Administrators say most of the students already have two to three job offers from different companies.


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