Friends of Missing Fairfield Woman ask for help on Social Media

Fairfield community searches for missing woman.

FAIRFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Lyn Rowden says she last saw her friend Valerie Tieman on August 9th. That's when Valerie gave her a haircut.  She was professionally trained and that was something she would do for her friends.

 "I don't know why anyone would harm her," Rowden said fighting back tears.

State Police put out a media release Thursday morning asking for help in finding the 34-year-old Fairfield woman.  She  was last seen with her husband Luc Tieman outside the Wal-Mart in Skowhegan on August 30th.  According to police, Tieman told them that he went into the Wal-Mart  and when he came out of the store she was not in the truck.   Luc Tieman never reported his wife missing.  Her parents, who live out of state did on September 9th, more than a week and a half later.

Since seeing a post from Valerie's parents, Lyn, her daughter and friends have been on Facebook spreading the word,  hoping that someone may come forward who can help find Valerie.

"We started thinking maybe if we keep putting it out there and will go into wider and wider circles and i know people but somebody else knows people and it happened here in Skowhegan, nothing like this happens here, somebody's got to have seen something."

That's what state police are hoping too.  they alerted the media and are asking for help of the public.

"We'll do everything to try and locate her but at this point she is among the missing," explained State Police Spokesman Stephen McCausland.

Police are reviewing surveillance video from Wal-Mart and talking to friends and Family, including Valerie's husband Luc, who they say is cooperating. They are not sure however why he didn't report his wife missing. 

"I don't have an explanation as to wny the husband didn't report her missing.  Her parents did last Friday.  At that point, she'd been missing a week and a half.  I just don't have an explanation as to his non-action," said McCausland.

NEWS CENTER attempted to reach out to LucTieman, to share any information or to explain why he may have not called police, but his mother answered the door and told us neither she nor he wanted to speak with us and that if we wanted any information that we should ask police.

Meanwhile, police will continue to investigate and Lyn Rowden  and some of Valerie's other friends plan to continue using social media to try and help find her.   

"I just want people to be praying for her for what little we can do that we can do," Rowden said.

Valerie Tieman is 5'7" tall and weighs about 165 pounds.  

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Maine State Police at 624-7076.


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