Ensuring Maine's beaches are safe places to swim

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Now that the summer weather is here, more people are heading to the beach. To ensure those visitors won't get sick from the water, local municipalities or even volunteers test the water quality of Maine's public beaches every week.

Because of their more urban environments, city officials test the water at Willard Beach in South Portland twice a week and at East End Beach in Portland three times a week.

The water quality can be affected by a number of outside factors; the amount of fertilizer locals use on their lawn or even whether the dog has recently gone to the bathroom outside, dirty diapers on the beach, and how storm drain systems are working; so along with collecting samples, these workers are looking at the surrounding area for impacts.

You can find a water quality update for your local beach at MaineHealthyBeaches.org. Most beaches will also post advisories at their entrance or the lifeguard station.


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