Disturbing details released in alleged sexual abuse of theater students in Topsham

Court documents detail alleged Topsham abuse

TOPSHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Henry Eichman made his first court appearance from jail on Monday.

He was arrested on Friday and charged with sexual exploitation of a minor under 12-years-old and unlawful sexual contact.

While Monday's appearance was only to set Eichman's bail conditions, an affidavit was released including testimony from three young girls who claim Eichman abused his role with the theater, and took advantage of them.

The three alleged victims are all members of the Midcoast Youth Theater group which, according to its board director, Eichman helped found in 2003.

"We have evidence here that these children were spending a lot of time at his home at pool parties and that is where these allegations took place," said Deputy District Attorney Jon Liberman.

Liberman asked the judge to set Eichman's bail at $10,000, based on testimony of those three alleged victims; two 10-year-old girls and one 12-year-old girl.

The girls told police Eichman had sleepovers at his Topsham home, inviting them to stay in his bed and in his living room, and that he allegedly prevented them from wearing underwear.

They told police Eichman kept a bucket by his hot tub for them to urinate in so they wouldn't get his floors wet. One girl said she once saw what looked like a camera pointed at her and a blinking red light.

The affidavit gets more disturbing, as the girls described sitting on Eichman's lap: "She said Henry Eichman required her to do this in order to use the laptop. She said he would put a pillow over the top of them, and while she was using the computer he touched her in her 'bathing suit area' — this is the term [she] used to describe her private area.

"When asked how he would touch her, [she] said he would take both his hands and 'put it right there.' She then simulated putting her hands near her bathing suit area. She then said he would 'move his hands around and stuff and it was really awkward.' [She] advised she did not have underwear on when this was happening."

Eichman's attorney pointed out that the 56-year-old had no criminal background. The judge set Eichman's bail at $5,000, and ordered some supervision under his release, and that all visits with children under the age of 16 be supervised.

He is to have no contact with the victims or any witnesses. Eichman will also not be allowed on any school property or be allowed at any functions held by Midcoast Youth Theater.

His next court appearance will be in November.

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